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Standing Seam Systems

Berridge Manufacturing Company offers several premium options for standing seam metal roofing. Whether you are designing for a commercial or residential project, our standing seam metal roofing will outshine the rest. We have solutions for straight, convex or concave curved, tapered, and compound curved for dome applications. The standing seam metal roofing systems from Berridge include a wide range of coverage and seam height options. These options can be ordered in various finishes, materials and over 30 Kynar 500 /Hylar 5000 colors.

Choose From Our Cee-Lock or Curved Tee-Panel



The Berridge Curved Tee-Panel is an ideal roofing choice for concave, convex or compound curved corners and domed roof construction with solid sheathing.

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The Berridge Cee-Lock architectural metal standing seam panel is designed for residential or commercial construction over solid sheathing.

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