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RSI-Roofing Services, Inc. Images
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RSI-Roofing Services, Inc. Images
RSI-Roofing Services, Inc. Images
RSI-Roofing Services, Inc. Images

Click on one of the above manufacturers to view their shingle styles, colors, virtual visualizer and remodeler.

RSI-Roofing Services, Inc. Images

Welcome to RSI Roofing World

We are proud of our 35 plus years of roofing in Oklahoma and surrounding states, are residential and commercial roofs cannot be equaled, using our proprietary High Wind and Storm Protection Standards our roofs stay on the roof and dont end upon the ground.


RSI-Roofing Services, Inc. Images

GAF Timberline Natural Shadow, 30-year material and 5-year labor. Only available in Weathered Wood and Charcoal color, we have special pricing for these colors. Standard adhesive and wind rating.


RSI-Roofing Services, Inc. Images

GAF Timberline HDZ, 50-year material and 10-year labor. HDZ has strong and bold shadow lines, unlimited wind warranty and premium stick-down adhesive, see the 2 GAF videos on our web site about HDZ.


RSI-Roofing Services, Inc. Images

GAF Timberline Armorshield II, has strong and bold shadow lines, 50-year material and 10-year labor warranty. Armorshield II is a Class-4 High Impact rated shingle and qualifies for most insurance company discounts, some discounts as high as 30%, check with your respective insurance company.

When RSI examines your roof for an estimate, we look at everything associated with it, the deck, fascia, soffit, chimney chase cap, chimney cricket, chimney flashing and even painting of fascia if needed. If we see a need for one these items, we will list it as an Add Alternate. E.g.

Add Alt #1, paint fascia boards, add$ 460.00
Add Alt #2, replace 32lf of deteriorated soffit, add$ 160.00
Add Alt #3, install 48lf of guttering and oversized downspouts, add$ 360.00

Add alternate prices to base bid price for contract total or just go with one of the base bid prices.

Our web site ( RsiStillwater.com ) is designed to allow the homeowner to view different shingle styles and colors available from several manufacturers, click on one of the manufacturers tabs and go to the Virtual Visualizer and Home Remodeler, there is an array different home designs or you can up-load a picture of your own home see the possibilities, there is even a Siding Visualizer.

If you are looking to up-grade to a Luxury Designer Asphalt Shingle be sure and look at GAF Camelot II, Glenwood IR, CertainTeed Belmont IR, Presidential IR or Malarkey Windsor IR, great choices for that luxury look.

Call RSI today to schedule your beautiful new roof yes, the neighbors will be jealous, the dog will bark less, the children will become A students and service personnel will linger in their trucks admiring your elegant, gorgeous, beautiful new roof from RSI the possibilities are endless.

We will be glad to visit your home with samples and explain in more detail what we can do for you.

Metal roofing is also available and is usually 2 to 4 time the price of a good asphalt shingle, our premium products of class 4 tile and the beautiful Never Roof again Roof DaVinci Roofscapes is 4 to 8 times.

Gary Nasalroad/Director of Operations

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Drone Hail Detection Service

Our revolutionary 4k drone with a 20mp Hasselblad camera will inspect, measure and pinpoint all hail impacts and wind damage on your home or business.
This technology is piloted by a licensed drone specialist and is fantastic for large structures, churches, and steep structures.
OK license #80005432
RSI-Roofing Services, Inc. Images
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