Crown roof tiles produces a wide variety of profiles that meet the demands of todays design requirements. The company offers a range of High and Low profile barrel tiles complemented by three types of Windsor Flat roof tiles.
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Mediterranean roof tiles are known for having a high barrel which reflects a traditional style of great elegance. This roof tile adds visual texture to roofs making it an ideal product for large projects.
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The Iberia roof tile has a medium height barrel with extended curves which reminisces the Spanish colony architectural style. This beautiful roof tile enhances with elegance the roof aesthetics while making a connection with the past.
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Tuscany roof tiles have soft curves representing a classic European style. This is the best-known roof tile in the world, reason for which it has great adaptability to any type of architecture, be it contemporary or traditional.
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It is a flat roof tile with a smooth texture, beveled at each end, simulating a blackboard or easel, it was traditionally used in ancient European castles. In spite of being flat, this roof tile provides great texture and appearance of movement on roofs.
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A flat roof tile with a rough texture, simulating a wooden shingle. This roof tile has a rustic appearance, with a natural and country sensation, giving any project a natural touch.
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It is a flat roof tile which has a division in the middle to simulate small individual tiles. This tile has a smooth surface on one side and a rough surface on the other side which gives it a country feel with a European touch.
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