Commercial Services

We offer the following commercial services:

  • Commercial Single-Ply Roofing: EPDM, TPO, PVC and modified bitumen
  • Commercial Metal: Standing-seam
  • Commercial Steep: Asphalt shingles, wood shingles, tile, slate and stone coated metal
  • Metal Flashing: Fabrication and installation of all related flashing required on commercial roof projects
  • Commercial Gutter and Downspouts: Fabrication and installation
  • Commercial Coatings: For metal roofs and restore single-plys to a servicable life.

RSI commercial division has installed over 2,200,000 square feet of  flat roofing in the last 33 years.  We are installers of single-ply roof membranes, commercial steep roofing metal products, sheet-metal and flat roof coating materials. RSI does new projects, complete tear-offs, and patch work. We also do storm damage repair work and annual maintenance inspections and repair.

All of our workers attend weekly safety meetings and RSI insists on job safety at all times. Our work safety records are impeccable.

Material and labor contracts are available for schools, commercial and industrial clients for their flat repair work.  Contact Gary for pricing. ( [email protected] )

RSI is licensed in Oklahoma, Arizona and Wichita, Kansas.

RSI commercial division services the Central U.S. and surrounding areas. We have completed projects from Washington state and as far south as Georgia. Our main concentration is Oklahoma and surrounding states.

Our central distribution center is located at 524 S. Hafner, Stillwater, OK, where our office, warehouse, sheet metal shop and display center is located. Please stop by any time. Our office hours are 8am to 3pm, Monday through Friday, other times with appointment.

To receive a commercial estimate: Call, email or send blue-prints or give us a I-square reference number and our estimator will do a take off. Please note: we only work for general contractors or commercial building owners that pay their invoices on a timely matter. We will file a mechanics lien when necessary.

We install EPDM, TPO, PVC membranes, standing-seam, and all related sheet metal, including commercial guttering. Our roof coating is a silicone based material and has even been used on the White House – it is the best of the best!

Flat roofing material manufacturers :

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA* Versico,  Duro-Last, Firestone, and Mulehide. Our coating manufacturer is Gaco Western.

Roofing your commercial building is neither cheap nor simple. We know that a lot of thought, even worry , hangs over the process. The decision to proceed begs the question “which roofing company do I trust with my building and my money?”

RSI is unique among area roofing contractors in several ways that should help you in your decision making process:

* Experience: Our 33 plus years in business speaks volume about our stability, knowledge, and reputation.

* Legitimacy: RSI has worked very hard to live up to our reputation for integrity and dependability. We are one of a very small group of roofing contractors to be certified by multiple roof system manufacturers as official installers. This allows us to offer warranties superior to what our uncertified competition can provide. RSI is insured, bonded, and trained on an ongoing basis. If you choose RSI, you can depend on us to do your job quickly, professionally, and to be there when something comes up several years down the road.

* Dependability: RSI is big enough to have the staff and crews, the vehicles, and equipment to respond to your needs – even in emergencies. Our client list is available upon request and a few of our projects our listed on the projects tab for viewing.

Warranty PicRSI warranties: Most flat roofing warranties are 15 or 20 year material and labor and installed according to manufacturer’s specifications and inspected by the manufacturer prior to issuance of the warranty. The warranty is paid by RSI and the building owner will receive a warranty issued by the material manufacturer for labor and materials for the specific building, this insures that the owner will have complete material and labor coverage for the stated period.

Please Note: The difference between a manufacturers material and labor warranty and a Roofing contractor’s warranty is like day and night. The manufacturer’s responsibility is a binding contract enforceable by law. The roofing contractor’s contract is basically a word of mouth contract.  The roofer could become deceased, bankrupt, or go out of business.

(e.g., We received a call from the librarian in Ponca City, OK and she stated that we had a leak on their warranted flat roof.  We dispatched a crew and found out that the leaks were not on the section of roof we did, but was on another section done by another contractor that had went bankrupt.  The library had a manufacturer’s warranty and is now able to get the repair done with no cost to the library.  If they had had a Roofing Contractor warranty they would be paying out of pocket for these additional expenses. This is an excellent example of why one should require a manufacturer’s material and labor warranty.)


Modified Bitumen Roofing:

Modified Bitumen “MB” membranes come in 45″ wide rolls and consist of an asphalt and polymer blend which allow the asphalt to take on characteristics of the polymer. There are several surfacing options for this system which include a factory mineral surface, a gravel surface laid in bitumen or a applied coating that is typically reflective in nature. Long-term 10 to 20 year warranties are available.


white tpo rollTPO , PVC and EPDM Single-Ply Sheets:

Most membrane sheets come in rolls of varying widths, lengths and thicknesses, with the standard being 8′, 10′ and 12′ wide with lengths of 50′-100′ long. The 60 mil thickness is the most popular TPO size. The latest advancement is the “Fleece Backed” membranes, these membranes allow for faster application with foam adhesive, thereby lowering labor costs on large projects. Fleece backed membranes are available in 115 and 145 mil thicknesses, these membranes usually qualify for an additional hail warranty, with standard warranties of 15 to 30 years.  There are some EPDM roofs that are over 5o years old and still performing well.


On a summer day, a black roof can reach temperatures in excess of 160 degrees. On the same day, the highly reflective surface of a TPO, PVC or EPDM white roof can be as low as 110 degrees. As a result of the high reflectivity and emittance qualities of the white membrane, much less solar radiation is transmitted through the roof and into the facility.

RSI Metal Roofing Products 

Stone Coated Metal Shingles

* Shingles are 16″x48″

* Will withstand hail up to 2 1/2″

* Boards and battens are installed with this type of roofing, therefore they can be installed over other roofing products, even wood shakes.

Standing-seam metal roofing panels (SSR) 

* Note: SSR panels are 3 to 4 times the cost of exposed panels.

* SSR panels are usually 26 and 24 gauge. The lower the number the thicker the metal.

*  We do not install metal panels over any other roofing material, unless we picture frame and batten the roof first.

*  All of our panels meet the UL-2218 Class 4 High Impact rating

* Some panels qualify for the “Energy Star Rating”.

R-Panel and PBR Panels (Ag panels) 

* Our exposed roof panels are usually 26, 24 and 22 gauge.

* With this type of panel all screws are exposed, sometimes thousands, even with neoprene gaskets on each screw, the chance of leakage is possible.

* R and Ag panels are a good choice for building siding.

Additional metal information:

* The bright aluminum/silver roofs you see on residential and commercial buildings are usually “Galvalume”, not the old barn Galvanized which will rust fairly quick compared to Galvalume. Galvalume consists of a steel-sheet substrate coated on both surfaces with a 55-percent aluminum-zinc alloy coating-meeting (ASTM A792).


Gaco Coating PicGaco Western Roof Coating

Our Gaco Western elastomeric silicone coating is a excellent choice for rejuvenating leaking metal roofs and extending the life of all single-ply roof membranes, warranties are available in the 10-20 year range. Meets (ASTM D-6083) and is ENERGY STAR rated.

Gaco Western silicone coating was even chosen for the “White House” in Washington DC and NASA projects, it is the best of the best and meets the green roof requirements.

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RSI is a fully insured and bonded commercial/residential roofing contractor. Our crews have the latest manufacturer technical training and we are a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA).